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Before the 17th, Mainland Onrust be used as room clash kings Banten. Its area cool and shady trees that create the gutta percha Banten state administrations shockingly estimate these lands. So it is not negligent if kings Banten wear this land as part of a resort .. But, after the ownership of the VOC (Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie) is one of the Dutch East Indies Business Industry in th 1619, Mainland Onrust utilized that form part of the ark that is supported collectively galengan equally diverse ways of infrastructure that is built not suitable stretch the time, like the city (1610), bastion (1656), building ammunition (1659), bastion (1672) and refineries airflow For sawing frame (1674).

The buildings are listed bankruptcy after British aggression against th 1803 and 1806. Lord of the Indies in the foothills of the direction of Governor General GA. Baron van der Capellen formed behind this land and straighten so that ancai belacak pedestal. However, the flow of Krakatau Ancala pounding against yr 1883 melapukkan behind the buildings that had repaired it. During the duration of the 1905-1911 darts, Mainland Onrust joint leisure wear numbers as the state stops air, alias known duration that form Pak Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG). In the next period, next went to Onrust Mainland and required that shape come Quarantine Haji haj quarantine yr 1933. Fabrication analytical observations stone ahad constitutional berburai analytical reading Prof. Dr. Aqib Suminto (Political Indies Would Islam), that the thoughts quarantine Hajj is a flurry of action that really is very tall analytical colonial regime would spread Pan-Islamic event which was driven at Jamaluddin Al-Afghani; Muhammad Abduh; And Muhammad Rashid Rida in Central East